Monday, December 27, 2010

my super-secret holiday gift, revealed!

my grandpa, al maddalena, 1920-2007

i wanted to do something special for my family's christmas gifts this year. when you're lacking in available funds, it's great motivation to be creative and thoughtful...

since my grandfather passed away on christmas eve, 2007, i thought i might do a portrait of him. i didn't tell anyone that i was doing it -- the only one who knew was my hubby. i worked on it for about a week and a half (painting on the computer helps -- no drying time to factor in). and when it was finished, i did a print for each member of my family, my mom and my grandma getting framed versions and the rest were unframed.

a lot of happy tears, and clearly this piece went over well. =) i must admit, it was the most fun i ever had doing a portrait. i got to look at my grandpa's smiling face every night. what could be better than that?

the progression/process is below.

photo i was working from. our wedding rehearsal dinner, april 6, 2006.

first rough blue sketch...

 first layer of color throughout...

 all dark colors in, highlights and finishing details to come...

finished piece.

detail of my grandpa's smiling face. =)

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