Thursday, May 6, 2010

a newly found old commisssion

i'm in the process of updating my websites, and i was looking for work that i have not yet shown off. sadly, it seems as though i've lost a lot of files throughout the years.

that's the bad news.

the good news is, i found something i thought was lost forever. a private commission i did in 2006.

"the girls", a private commission. © nicillustration 2006

this piece was commissioned by my then-boss of his 3 daughters for his wife. it was a very large painting -- 4 ft wide by 3 ft high, i think, or something like that -- and was to be hung in their second home in miami. he wanted something modern, but his idea of "modern" just, you know, wasn't (like warhol was actually current).

so i started going through my library for inspiration. sebastian kruger is always a major source of inspiration for me, and i found just what i needed in his collection -- a group portrait of the stones (his favorite subject) that showed each band member in a different "panel" of sorts. they all had their own background and color schemes. yet, it works together.

so i took that idea and pushed it a little further. i took photos of my client's daughters, each in a different location at their home. different lighting, different backgrounds. then i took a group shot of them together. i used the images to come up with a composition where each of the girls had their own color scheme and setting, but yet were actually interacting with each other and reaching across the panels, taking on the new setting/color scheme of the panel they carried into.

it took me a long time to work on the piece. about 6 months total. but i think the end product was worth it.

glad i found the photo.