Monday, October 27, 2008

behind... i'm sorry...

with everything going on these days, a rush to finish projects by the end of the month, and my "tireds" coming back, i'm a bit behind. but i'm hard at work, and should have lots more for everyone this week. =D

thank you cards

a simple illustration for my new thank you cards, being used for our baby shower thank you's (and possibly for sale soon in my etsy store, i'm not sure).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

hands-off illo finished

my illustration for the "hands-off" card is finished. hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

sketch for stationery... "hands-off"

i'm working on some new stationery right now for my etsy store. one of my lines is built around pregnancy -- the unpleasantness of it, that is.

below is the beginning sketch for one of the cards.

Friday, October 3, 2008


self-portrait holiday promo, 2004.

welcome to my new blog!

christopher walken, 2001.

few people know me as an illustrator in addition to being a designer. truth is, i was educated as an illustrator, graduating with a degree in illustration from syracuse university, class of 2000. while i did my share of freelance illustration over the years, my career eventually developed into that of a designer, while illustration became more of a hobby than anything else.

paul mccartney, 2003

ewan mcgregor in down with love, 2005. for CB Teen magazine. i also got to meet ewan at the junket for the film, and he has a copy of the illustration.

cameron diaz, 2002. sketch.

lauren weedman, 2001. for the promotional materials for her one-woman show, homecoming.

well, i've decided to jumpstart my illustration work again. this blog will be designated to doing at least one illustration -- drawing, painting, whatever -- a week. this illustration might just be something from my day, a celebrity illo, or something i'm using on a project for my paper goods.

method man, 2000. a private commission.

gwyneth paltrow, 2002. sketch.

bagel buddha, 2002.

in this post you can see a range of illustration work i've done over the years. much of it, as you will note, is celebrity portraiture. you can also see that i used to specialize in distorted portraiture, with my hero and inspiration being sebastian krueger. but in my return to art, i hope to explore all the areas of drawing and painting that i used to explore, to expand my horizons and come back to basics.

the boys, 2001. a portrait for my mother-in-law, which is a drawing of all three of her sons. my husband is the darling in the middle. =)

i'm really looking forward to this. hope to see you back here more often and hope that you enjoy what i'm doing.

have a wonderful weekend!