Friday, October 3, 2008


self-portrait holiday promo, 2004.

welcome to my new blog!

christopher walken, 2001.

few people know me as an illustrator in addition to being a designer. truth is, i was educated as an illustrator, graduating with a degree in illustration from syracuse university, class of 2000. while i did my share of freelance illustration over the years, my career eventually developed into that of a designer, while illustration became more of a hobby than anything else.

paul mccartney, 2003

ewan mcgregor in down with love, 2005. for CB Teen magazine. i also got to meet ewan at the junket for the film, and he has a copy of the illustration.

cameron diaz, 2002. sketch.

lauren weedman, 2001. for the promotional materials for her one-woman show, homecoming.

well, i've decided to jumpstart my illustration work again. this blog will be designated to doing at least one illustration -- drawing, painting, whatever -- a week. this illustration might just be something from my day, a celebrity illo, or something i'm using on a project for my paper goods.

method man, 2000. a private commission.

gwyneth paltrow, 2002. sketch.

bagel buddha, 2002.

in this post you can see a range of illustration work i've done over the years. much of it, as you will note, is celebrity portraiture. you can also see that i used to specialize in distorted portraiture, with my hero and inspiration being sebastian krueger. but in my return to art, i hope to explore all the areas of drawing and painting that i used to explore, to expand my horizons and come back to basics.

the boys, 2001. a portrait for my mother-in-law, which is a drawing of all three of her sons. my husband is the darling in the middle. =)

i'm really looking forward to this. hope to see you back here more often and hope that you enjoy what i'm doing.

have a wonderful weekend!


the bridal wishlist said...

omg nic! these are amazing!

Nicole Block said...

aw, thanks janice!

Megan said...

Awesome! I look forward to more art soon. Oh, and hopefully blogger stops thinking you're a spammer... weird.

jodi said...

You know I love the Bagel Buddha! Glad I'm going to have yet another blog with which to be wowed by your many facets!

RDQLUS (Stevie G.) said...

I LOVE the Method Man illo! Please tell me HE was the commission?!?!?