Tuesday, October 27, 2009

baby gift #1 - mary mary quite contrary

there are an awful lot of babies in our lives right now! we're meeting new little people every day, and getting ready for the arrival of others. i decided to make a few gifts last week for some very special babies in my life.

first, there is the gift for my friend kelly's daughter-to-be, kayla aubrey. kelly is due in january (the day before anna's bday), and her shower was saturday the 24th. i decided to go to nursery rhymes for inspiration, and decided on "mary, mary, quite contrary", as kelly is an avid gardener.

the piece was started and completed on my cintiq screen, since i still haven't figured out how best to paint in the house without harming anna with the fumes. but as i've learned, i can get the feeling of painting really easily with my cintiq -- no wet paint and brush, unfortunately, but otherwise it's pretty close.

i went with a very fantastical version of the nursery rhyme, as i found out what the rhyme really was about (bloody mary!) and i had to move as far from that as possible.

kelly seemed to love it! i really hope she did.



Jennie Traill Schaeffer said...

Beautiful Nicole! What is cintiq?

Nicole Block said...

hey jennie. thanks!

the cinitiq is the wacom tablet that doubles as a screen. you can draw on it as you would paper. while it's not the same (of course), it does provide a much more tactile surface for computer work.