Monday, June 15, 2009

work for free? not even for google.

apparently, google recently requested from a number of well-known illustrators that they do a piece for their web browser. they would obviously get great exposure. the caveat? they would have to contribute to this for free.

and for this, my fellow artists, i salute you.

all too often, illustration and other artwork is looked upon as a free commodity. as though we just work for fun, not for pay. you will hear this from the illustration community over and over again. and it's the sad truth. and of course, as joe ciardiello is quoted as saying in the ny times article, google is worth billions of dollars. and a company like that can't even bother paying for work? come on.

on the list of over a dozen artists who refused this request are gary taxali, melinda beck, and the aforementioned joe ciardiello. according to google, however, there are dozens more that accepted the request.

well, google, you didn't ask me. so i didn't have the privilege of turning you down. i may not be melinda beck, but even i'm worth more than nothing.

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